Adopt me

Adopt me

Become a foster parent to your favourite animal. Not only will you have a new family member, but you will be lending us support whilst receiving some wonderful gifts and benefits. Join those helping to pay back our enormous debt to Mother Nature. It is as simple as simple can be - just fill in the form here.

Who can help

Everyone listed below can become a foster parent

Individuals or groups

(maybe your family, classmates, hobby club members, etc.)

  • Adopting an animal can cost as little as CZK 500 per year. Of course, there is no need to give the entire amount determined for the creature you choose. Every little helps! We can make the most of anything you can afford, even amounts smaller than CZK 500. Just send your donations via text messages.


  • Adopting an animal can cost from CZK 5,000 per year. Apart from the good feeling you will get, there are also tax benefits to be had from doing so.

One tip: If your company is interested in assisting us, then it might be worth considering other means than adopting an animal. Please, check out the zoo partnership menu or other options.

How we use your money

We use contributions to purchase food for adopted animals. The yearly costs outlined in the list below show how much an animal consumes per year.

Not everyone can afford to donate the full amount required to cover the yearly feeding costs of creatures. For example, an elephant will munch its way through CZK 150,000 of food a year. Therefore, every animal can have more than one foster parent. Naturally, the choice of your new family member is completely up to you. Should you wish to be the sole foster parent of an animal, you are more than welcome to donate an amount sufficient to provide feed for an entire year.

Acquire a new family member for your friends

Animal adoption can be a great gift and a lovely surprise for your relatives and friends. Why not buy them a hairy, feathered or even scaly son or daughter? We will be happy to issue a certificate with the donator's name and send it to them along with other gifts. The happy animal will then be waiting at the zoo for its new parent whenever they want to visit.

We will make every effort to process an adoption within 10 days once the zoo's account has been credited. If the adoption is intended as a gift, please make sure your application is sent in good time. Adoptions as Christmas presents must be applied for prior to 30 November. Those received after this date will be dealt with in the New Year.

Your benefits

Besides a warm feeling inside and a new family member, there are also some freebees given away by the zoo. Wondering what they are? Then take a look below.

Above CZK 500

  • Certificate
  • 1 entrance ticket
  • Your name on the board of foster parents, in our annual report and on the websit

Above CZK 20,000

  • Certificate
  • 2 entrance tickets
  • Your name by the animal's exhibit, on the board of foster parents, in our annual report and on the website
  • 15% discount voucher in our gift shop
  • Zoo calendar
  • Annual report
  • Invitation to a name-giving party

Above CZK 5,000

  • Certificate
  • 1 entrance ticket
  • Your name on the board of foster parents, in our annual report and on the website
  • 10% discount voucher in our gift shop

Above CZK 50,000

  • Certificate
  • 3 entrance tickets
  • Your name by the animal's exhibit, on the board of foster parents, in our annual report and on the website
  • 20% discount voucher in our gift shop
  • Zoo calendar
  • Annual report
  • Invitation to a name-giving party
  • Invitation to a Christmas meeting

ShowHideList of animal species (amounts in CZK)


150,000 | African elephant

120,000 | Amur tiger

90,000 | Lion| Black rhinoceros| Indian rhinoceros

45,000 | Gorilla | Orangutan | Rothschild giraffe | Reticulated giraffe

40,000 | Cheetah| Brown hyena

30,000 | Persian leopard| Okapi | Chimpanzee

25,000 | Golden-headed lion tamarin

20,000 | Common marmoset| Golden lion tamarin | Northern white rhinoceros| Bat-eared fox | Cotton-top tamarin | African wild dog

15,000 | Bongo | Fossa | Spotted Hyena| Pygmy marmoset | White pelican | Dalmatian pelican | Serval | Black-backed jackal

12,000 | Cape buffalo| Fennec | Secretary bird | Pygmy hippo | Pink-backed pelican | Spot-billed pelican | Papuan hornbill

10,000 | Ring-tailed lemur | Warthog | African bush pig

9,000 | Greater Philippine hornbill | Greater kudu

8,000 | Saddle-billed stork | Marabou stork | Laughing kookaburra | Tawny frogmouth | American kestrel | Little owl | Ankole cattle

7,000 | Red buffalo | Blesbok | Angolan colobus | Southern ground hornbill

6,000 | Green anaconda | Roan antelope | Hoopoe | Spotted thick-knee | Stone curlew | Javan langur | Dwarf caiman | Indian python | Lesser kudu | Meerkat | Channel-billed toucan

5,000 | Eland | Sable antelope | Hyacinth macaw | White stork | Black stork | Abdim´s stork | Kirk´s dik-dik | False gavial | Yellow-billed stork | Congo peafowl | American flamingo | European flamingo | Pied avocet | Papuan monitor | Von der Decken´s hornbill | Grey hornbill

4,000 | Golden agouti | Red-fronted macaw | Blue-and-yellow macaw | Masked plover | Blacksmith plover | Spur-winged lapwing | Dama gazelle | Scarlet ibis | Hadada ibis | Crowned crane | African spoonbill | Roseate spoonbill | Hammerkop | Hill mynah | Yellow mongoose | Lowland nyala | Gemsbok | African wild ass | African jacana | Black-winged stilt | White-bearded gnou | White-tailed gnou | Brindled gnou | Domestic horse - Pony | Cape ground squirrel | Boat-billed heron | Purple heron | Grevy zebra

3,000 | Addax | Springbok | Mountain reedbuck | Slender horned gazelle | King boa | Impala | Salmon-crested cockatoo | Northwestern carpet python | Bali mynah | Blue-faced honeyeater | Scimitar-horned oryx | Sitatunga | Tropical freshwater fish species | Merten´s goanna | Emerald monitor | Dromedary | Cattle egret | Common waterbuck | Ellipsed waterbuck | Maneless zebra | Grant zebra | Damara zebra | Hartmann zebra | Chapman zebra | Antile turtle | African pancake tortoise |

2,000 | Egyptian plover | Bamboo viper | Asian fairy bluebird | Green tree python | Mountain paca | Barbary sheep | Arabian oryx | White-crested laughingthrush | Grey-winged trumpeter | Tropical freshwater fish species | Guinea turaco | Great kiskadee | Common redshank | Nile lechwe | Kafue lechwe | Bearded Barbet | Eastern box turtle | Red-footed tortoise | African pancake tortoise

1,500 | Double crested basilisk | Jersey cattle | Madagascar day gecko | Tokay gecko | Domestic goat - Cameroon | Plum-coloured starling | Regal starling | Domestic sheep | Celebes starling | Red-and-yellow barbet | Tropical sea fish species | Phillippine pond turtle | Dwarf zebu

1,000 | Bearded agama | Ruby-throated bulbul | Light-vended bulbul | Dahomey miniature cattle| Snowy-headed robin chat | Veiled chamaeleon | New Guinean pig-nosed turtle | White-lipped mud turtle | Victoria crowned pigeon | Western crowned pigeon | Green iguana | Hooded pitta | Scaly laughingthrush | Blue-tongued skink | White-rumped shama

700 | Rock hyrax | Pheasant pigeon | Nicobar pigeon| Greylag goose | Cuban whistling duck | Speckled mousebird | Comb duck | Red-billed leiothrix | Red-crested pochard

500 | Hottentot teal | South American teal | Silver teal | Green-winged teal | Marbled teal | Common goldeneye | White-faced whistling duck | Ruddy duck | Crested wood partridge | Chinese bamboo partridge | Hooded merganser | Guinet´s tomato frog | Nutmeg mannikin | Yellow-legged buttonquail | Ferruginous duck | Ring-necked duck | Poison arrow frog | Marbled tree Frog | Red bishop | Rüpell´s weaver

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Do you wish to adopt an animal? Please, fill the form below. When making your payment, please use the following banking details: account No. 196402086/0300, variable symbol 602 300. Enter your family name in the Message for recipient field.

For successfull sending of the message, please fill the following code CRR939.

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Mission completed: Black rhino female Eliska from ZOO Dvur Kralove is well in Africa

Black rhino female Eliska, born in 2012 in ZOO Dvur Kralove, was successfully transported from the Czech Republic to the rhino sanctuary in Tanzanian reservation Mkomazi on Monday 27th June. She is going to be involved to the reproduction programme whose aim is to revive black rhino population in this area.

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