African Safari

Taking an African safari could make a visit to Dvůr Králové Zoo that extra bit special. Why not top off the day in style? This is a truly authentic experience, the closest thing to driving through an African wilderness without actually going to Africa. Sights include herds of zebras and antelopes roaming freely, and the mighty common eland male that may weigh up one ton! That's not all.

There are watusi, a breed of cattle, and the addax, a desert antelope used in rituals by Egyptian pharaohs. The swamp areas feature groups of Kafue lechwe as well as in their homeland. You cannot miss the herd of wildebeest and their young, which are usually born as they are in the wild - without any assistance by staff.

The African atmosphere is completed by the Netřeba brook and the kingfisher, the pearl of the Czech bird kingdom, nesting on its banks. Safaris are narrated by professional trained drivers.


From May to September, or in late April in good weather | Daily


The safari bus stop can be found in the western part of the zoo. (See the plan). Get there by either walking among the summer enclosures or by taking the sightseeing train.

How much?

Hopping on the safari bus is included in the standard entrance fee. You can even take another ride if you like.

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