Crowd-Raising Campaign Launched To Raise Money for IVF Techniques for Northern White Rhinos

Date: 19.08.2015

Ol Pejeta Conservancy and Dvůr Králové Zoo launch a joint Go Fund Me campaign to #makearhino:

The team aims to raise ?0.5m ($0.8m) to develop the IVF techniques needed for a new generation of northern white rhino to be born.

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World Lion Day

Date: 14.08.2015

The Dvur Kralove Zoo is celebrating World Lion Day by holding talks, lion enrichmet&feeding, competitions and activities for families with children on 15 August 2015.

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Female Nabiré, one of the last five northern white rhinos, died

Date: 28.07.2015

Northern white rhino female Nabiré, one of the last five northern white rhinos in the world, died on Monday, July 27 in Dvůr Králové Zoo, Czech Republic. She deceased due to a large pathological cyst that ruptured inside her body.

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Son of a black rhino female Jessi in Zoo Dvur Kralove, January 2015. Photo: Lukáš Pavlačík / ZOO Dvůr Králové

It is a girl! ... And a boy! Two black rhino babies born in Dvur Kralove Zoo within 17 hours

Date: 02.02.2015

Unique achievement has been accomplished in Dvur Kralove Zoo, Czech Republic. On Sunday 25th January, the 40th black rhino baby was born in the zoo. But keepers had no time to take a rest – a black rhino baby no. 41 was born just 17 hours later.

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Examination of Najin in Ol Pejeta, Novemeber 2014. Photo: Jan Stejskal / ZOO Dvur Kralove

Artificial techniques of reproduction may be the answer to saving the northern white rhino

Date: 14.12.2014

Artificial techniques of reproduction could provide the last chance of survival for the most endangered mammal in the world – the northern white rhino. This conclusion from veterinary experts comes as a much-needed ray of hope to those involved in the conservation of the animals, both in Europe, the United States, and in Kenya – where three of the worlds last remaining six now live.

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Orangutan Caring Week 15.11.2014

Date: 11.11.2014

Orangutan Caring Week 15.11.2014


Saturday 15 November at 11:00

Birthday party for a 4-year old orangutan baby Indah-Tessa

We will celebrate on 15 November 2014 the fourth birthday party of orang utan baby. Zoo staff will prepare a fruit cake, present and enrichment for birthday female Tessa. She was born on 13th November 2010; her mother ‘s name is Zaneta. She is living in the World of Birds house together with her mother.   The event will be held as a part of Orangutan Caring Week campaign of Orang Utan Republic Foundation in cooperation with numerous associations. The aim of the campaign is to inform general public about destruction of rain forests – natural habitat of both orang utan species – which can lead to their quick extinction.

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Suni in Ol Pejeta. Photo: Jan Stejskal/Dvur Kralove Zoo

Suni, one of the last seven remaining northern white rhinos, found dead

Date: 18.10.2014

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of one of our northern white rhinos, Suni. He was one of the four northern whites residing on the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya. He was born 34 years ago at the Dvur Kralove Zoo as the first-ever northern white rhino to be born in captivity. Together with one other male and two females, he was translocated from our zoo to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in 2009.

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First-Ever Public Rhino Horn Burning in Europe Took Place in Dvur Kralove Zoo

Date: 22.09.2014

On 21st September, just a day before the WorldRhinoDay, Dvur Kralove Zoo and the Czech Republic burned over 50 kilograms of rhino horn. Most of it belonged to the zoo, two horns were from confiscated stock. At the same time, the Slovak Republic destroyed confiscated horns in Zoo Bojnice. This is the first destruction of confiscated rhino horns in Europe. Zoos and reserves in Great Britain, Kenya, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Singapore and France joined the appeal as well.

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Logo kampaně Burn Horns Save Rhinos

Czech and Slovak Republic to Burn Rhino Horn Stockpiles. Campaign Initiated by Zoo Dvur Kralove Endorsed by Jane Goodall and Richard Leakey

Date: 17.09.2014

On 21st September, the authorities of the Czech and Slovak Republic will burn their stockpiles of seized rhino horn during a campaign that will see appeals aimed at deterring consumers from using rhino horn in a number of zoos and reserves on three continents. The major fire will take place in the Dvur Kralove Zoo, Czech Republic, where close to 70 kilograms of rhino horn will be ignited by a legenadry conservationist Tony Fitzjohn. The appeal is supported by many conservation heroes, including Jane Goodall, Richard Leakey and Ian Craig.

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The Dvur Kralove Zoo is going to burn 50 kg of rhino horns

Date: 16.09.2014

The Dvur Kralove Zoo is going to burn 50 kg of rhino horns on Sunday 21 September, 2014 at 11 a.m.

For more information please visit:

Please join us!

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