Evening safari

Evening safari

Take in the spectacle of an African twilight. Soak up the atmosphere of an early evening on a safari bus surrounded by herds of wild animals. Watch the rhinos, zebras, giraffes, and antelopes at sundown. Meet the lions and cheetahs lurking in the gathering dusk. Get ready for something that cannot be matched anywhere else in Europe. When darkness falls on a warm evening, it is the closest you can get to being in Africa without leaving the Czech Republic!

We are the only place offering evening safaris in Europe. Your guide will point out the 600 animals plus that roam around the grounds. In fact, the safari park was inspired by evening trips through the Kalahari and Kruger national parks in South Africa. Each safari lasts approximately 50 minutes with narration the entire time.


  • July-August | Daily
  • June, September | Friday, Saturday
  • Safari buses leave regularly between 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. from the evening entrance by the Rotunda Restaurant.

Exclusive safari

Book an extra special trip for just a group of your choosing. We will arrange for the safari bus to convey you and your guests any day throughout the summer season (May to September). Safaris can start as early as 5 p.m.
Do not forget that tours can be conducted in Czech, English or German. You can even finish up with an outdoor barbecue by the rhino enclosure.

Book your ticket

Book your ticket

You can buy tickets at the evening entrance after your arrival, or use the online booking form.

An exclusive safari for private groups can also be arranged to take place outside of ordinary scheduled times.

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Open times

Summer season - classical part

9:00 open

close 18:00

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